Powerful sex

Carl Jung proposed that human beings are driven by two distinct forces: power or sex. He names these forces “basic attitudes”.

Some people are power oriented. They usually ask themselves “How well am I doing this?”, “When will I be given a chance to do this?”. Jung calls these people introverts. The meaning of the word, however, is a bit different from common use. Jung characterizes the introverts as people who are power oriented and would like to make the world function according to their own personal views.

People driven by sex are called extroverts by Jung. They are basically interested in what goes on outside around them. They desperately want to fall in love with a person or an object. 

We are not 100% power or 100% sex. We’re a mix of the 2 attitudes. So, what’s your personal balance? 60% power and 40% sex? Or vice-versa?

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